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Thank-you for visiting our website. We invite you to take your time and explore all we have to offer.  If this is your first visit and you are interested in trying one of our programs, we offer everyone a free month of classes and a free uniform so you may see if we are the right school for you and your family.  Our programs are age appropriate and are meant to increase focus, self esteem, character development, self discipline and so much more.  To see how it has affected so many people, please read through our testimonial section as they are written by your friends and neighbors who have signed up and truly see the difference training can make.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, we encourage you to contact us and set up an introductory visit.  To prepare for your visit, please fill out this Information Sheet so more of our focus can be on introducing you to kenpo.

Thank you for your interest,

Shihan Matthew Jacome
5th degree black belt
Head Instructor Junior/Adults


American Family Kenpo Student Comments

"Since they began learning karate at American Family Kenpo, my daughters' Claudia (age 13) and Danielle (age 9) have improved on their physical fitness. There is no stress on them because they are able to work at their own pace. Their self discipline, confidence, self esteem, concentration has improved and they are doing so well at school. They have a lot of fun which keeps them going to American Family Kenpo."

 - Sandy Hastie


"As a kid I always thought it would be cool to learn a martial art, but it took me until the age of 30 to act on that thought. I was apprehensive at first. I hadn't done any strenuous activity in many years, and even when I was younger I was more comfortable sitting behind a PC than walking into gym. However, Shihan Matt made it clear from day one that they understand we all have our own learning curves and physical abilities. I have been studying karate at American Family Kenpo for a year, now, and I haven't felt this healthy in a long time. Under Shihan Matt's tutelage I have learned to strengthen my body and my mind (which is always good for a PC geek!)."

- Jeremy Stevens


"My daughter, Kaitlin, has been doing karate for almost a year with Shihan Matt.  As a child with attention issues and a physical handicap, Shihan Matt doesn't push her to work past her limits, but also won't let her use her limitations as an excuse, either.  She is doing fantastic in school.  She made the honor roll each quarter during 5th grade.  Her teachers have commented on her improved self esteem and confidence.  She is now a purple belt and excited to continue working towards black belt.

I am also learning karate from Shihan Matt.  I'm currently an orange belt.  I have most definitely improved my fitness level, concentration, and self esteem.  Shihan Matt have not just become respected instructors, but really good friends too."

- Sandy Kraus


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American Family Kenpo 19 Depot Street  Uxbridge, MA
(508) 838 - 8438