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Our Martial Arts Programs


Dragon Program (Ages 3 - 7):

This half hour class is meant to introduce our young children to the Martial Arts through high energy classes and fun educational games.  This class should improve their attention span and focus, as well as their behavior.  This class graduates to our Junior Program.


Junior Program (Ages 7 - 10):

This beginner program is designed to introduce our children to the world of the Martial Arts.  Our high energy classes are meant to teach discipline and self confidence in a fun and upbeat atmosphere.  Our students are expected to improve in school, as well as their behavior at home.  This program leads to the rank of Junior Black Belt and continues on to the Adult Program.


Teen Program (Ages 10 - 16):

This program includes all of the benefits of our Junior Program stressing physical fitness, self-discipline, improved self-esteem, etc. all set in a more mature atmosphere.  This program leads its participants to the rank of Junior Black Belt and our adult classes.


Adult Program (Ages 16 - 99):

This program is designed to introduce our teenage and adult students to the Martial Arts by allowing students to set and achieve both mental and physical goals.  They learn all the same material as the Junior Program, but in a more adult atmosphere.  The self defense is taught so that students are more self confident and secure with their safety.  This program leads its students to the rank of Black Belt and beyond.


Special Needs Programs

For those with special needs, we have a tailor-made program meant to help students reach their highest potential.  Using Private Lessons, as well as group classes with model students, special needs students are able to learn the movements and then generalize them in group.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available to any student at any rank as a way to strive for their personal best.  At higher ranks, students can use private lessons to learn non-curriculum weapons or self-defense.  (See Shihan Matt for specific details.)


Our Extracurricular Student Programs


Good Grade Rewards Program

Throughout the school year, the students are encouraged to put a full effort in everything they do including their school work. To reinforce this, we have them bring in their report cards every quarter they are issued. If they receive all A’s, they will receive $5 karate dollars and if they receive all B’s they will receive $3 karate dollars. And just for bringing in their report cards they will receive $1 karate dollars. For many, we will set goals for improvement in a specific area in which we will offer extra karate dollars for reaching their goals.


Kids Fun Night

On these nights, parents have the opportunity to drop off their kids for an evening of fun and games.  This gives our students a chance to have fun and be social with one another outside of the normal class setting.  Keep an eye on our Monthly Calendar for the next Kids Fun Night.


Student Enrichment Program

Each month, we post an activity the students may print and do. Once completed and signed by a parent, the parent will be given a karate dollar for their efforts. Also on this page you will notice different belts. Students will be given a password for their appropriate belt, where they will find a list of things to practice and a video game they can play from when I was young. The password for white belt is SENSEI (all caps). If you have trouble getting in, there are directions at the bottom of the page to make us a trusted site which should fix it.


Birthday Parties

Our Karate themed birthday parties are meant for students of  all ages and are tailored specifically for each child.  We play games and, of course, learn some Karate.  We also highlight the birthday boy/girl's skills for their friends and family.  With many options for decor and content, we allow students and parents to decide how best to make it unforgettable. Click here to see pictures of one of our recent birthday parties.


Charity Programs


The Giving Lottery

Every month, we randomly select a student's name and donate their tuition for that month to the charity of their choosing.  The charity can be any local or national charity and is meant to involve and inspire them to give to organizations who need help.  All selected students receive an award stating their name and the charity chosen.


Other Program Offerings


Event Demonstrations

For charities or local events


Group Sessions

For local groups (i.e. Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, etc.).  Inquiries should be directed to Shihan Matt.


Tournament Training

Inquiries should be directed to Shihan Matt.

American Family Kenpo 19 Depot Street  Uxbridge, MA
(508) 838 - 8438